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…another reason why I love living in Norway – part 1

Posted by weehaggis on Friday, October 13, 2006

AftenPosten recently reported on Transit System to launch a courtesy campaign. About time too!! Even getting on and off the train can be a real battle sometimes. Two opposing walls of people push and shove into each other as soon as the doors slide open. Don’t even get me started on the bun fight to get on a bus….

As you probably know…us Brits are usually seen as having a bit of queue fetish. Waiting to get on the train, as the doors open, I politely stand to the side to let folks off. Of course, those standing behind take this as an invitation to rush forward and past you onto the train This is not the fall of Saigon people!!

I have now figured out a strategy on how to get off the train quickly and easily. As the train pulls into your stop, position yourself in the middle of the doorway with a laiden Rema1000 bag in either hand. As the doors open start swingin’ those bags 🙂

Contrary to what some might think, its not always the elderly who are the victims of this predilection for being rude. The boot can often be on the other foot. Just the other morning I was getting off the bus and paused in the aisle to let somebody in front get out. On feeling an impatient push from behind, I spun round, blurting out “will ya ***** wait“. Expecting to see some school kid, a little old lady looked up. I wont say “sweet” , as she gave me that sucking a lemon look…Yikes. Half expected a follow through from the hand bag, but luckily the aisle was now free and I could make my getaway.


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