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World Trade Center (2006)

Posted by weehaggis on Monday, October 23, 2006

Oliver Stone has been abducted by aliens and replaced by an andriod body double. At least thats the only reason I can fathom why World Trade Center wasn’t penned by Alan Smithee.

…They’re after you. They’re after all of us. Our wives, our children, everyone. They’re here already. YOU’RE NEXT!

This is made for TV…?

nooooooh, worse……its Hallmark TV…….aarrrggggghhh!!

World Trade Center (2006)

Yesterday evening thought I’d take in a movie. Used this neat mobile phone service which allows you to save a few krones on advance tickets. Went for the bus in good time, almost there, speeding past it goes. I forgot. This was Sunday evening. Busses here seem to run a few minutes early. Of course its another story in the morning before work..I’ll leave that for a later whinge 🙂

Without the benefit of hindsight and not wanting to waste the 80kr. ticket money, took the 30 minute walk into town … and it was raining too.

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is about to start, and then its more Simpsons – gonna have to finish this later.

Ok, back again…. (2 days late)

The film opens well, showing that morning looking just like any other. These opening scenes, along with one of the films closing images of the empty commuter train, I found to be amongst its most effective. The bit in the middle was mediocre at best… made up from some cheap looking sets, lots of cheesy dialog, and a few unintentional laughs.

Most of the movie takes place after the towers collapse, watching two Port Authority police cops (Cage and Pena) jabber away to each other. We frequently cut away to the families of the two cops, frantically waiting for news. Then there’s the story of Dave Karnes, the ex-marine who comes to save them.

Karnes’ (Michael Shannon) character comes across as being really creepy, as some kind of patriotic avenger on a mission from God. In one of his earlier scenes we see him in Connecticut, sitting in church asking God for guidance, then heading off to Ground Zero in New York. Before leaving he finds time to drop in at the local barber for his regulation marine haircut. He also has one of the best lines “We’re not leaving, We’re the Marines, you are our mission” – remember those unintentional laughs I talked about. Addding this to those kitsch and cringe inducing visions of Christ give the whole move a rather disturbing quasi-religious undercurrent.

Stone himself, and others, have claimed this is a non-political movie….bollocks!! It comes across almost as Stones apology to the christian right, after years of being their whipping boy. In the closing credits he even attempts to tie the whole event into Iraq.

All the heroes of that day deserve much better than this.

I wonder if this was really the movie Stone wanted to make, or the one he was told to make. Another conspiracy theory perhaps 🙂


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