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Irn Bru – pure dead brilliant

Posted by weehaggis on Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Was just having a browse through youtube and found some old Irn Bru tv adds. Started getting all nostalgic.

For the uneducated amongst you, Irn Bru (from Barrs) is a fizzy soft drink virtually unheard of outside of Scotland. Very sweet, very orange and tasted bloody awful to anyone not born within sight of yon bonnie banks and yon bonnie braes. Normally advertsed as “yer other national drinkke….made in Scoatland fram girders“.

Back around 1988 Barrs released one of their first TV ads for the amber nectar. It was pure dead brilliant then, and after finding it on youtube, I realised that it still is now. Its sort of a piss-take of the US produced Coke and Pepsi ads which were on at the time.

Well, I suppose you have to be Scottish to appreciate it. Not long after, this one appeared. Even more of a laugh and with not quite the punchline you’re expecting.

and then, the final one for today (you can see that I’ve just figured out this youtube thing). I wonder how the FCC would react if Pepsi produced anything like this in the US 🙂

Other classics include the ram-raiding granny, the sexy latin Raul advertising the diet version, and of course that foul mouthed cuckoo used for the new Irn Bru 32. Will try and get round to posting those ones too.


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