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Junk Mail

Posted by weehaggis on Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Just recently got back after being away for about a week on business and was met by something which really gets ma goat. A mail box chock full of and literally spewing out junk mail. Yes, I now, junk mail is a fact of modern life. Its not the junk mail so much, but the stupid (and I’m gonna swear now) fuckwits who deliver it. When the box is quite clearly full, they keep trying to jam more and more in. Its amazing how much they manage to get into what is really quite a small box. The problem is that scrunched in there amongst all the Skeidar catalogues and local window washer flyers is real mail.

I keeping thinking of puting one of those “uadressert reklame nei takk” stickers on my post box, but given the stupidity on display, it would be no surprise if the people hired to deliver this junk can’t even read!! Even contemplated collecting a black bin bag of the stuff, marching into he post office and dumping it on the counter with a return to sender note. Probably wouldn’t go down too well…visions of being dragged off to the police station by the post office ladies and ending up in gaol.

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

Ok….happy thoughts….happy thoughts.

Talking of happy thoughts….Just discovered from the TV guide that I am now supposed to have some more TV channels. Yippeee….a proper welcome home present. Grabbed that remote and did the cable TV box update….more sports…ESPN and NASN, AlJazzera International, some kiddies TV music channel. Whooppeee doo!! Also getting CNN soon…at least its not Fox “fair and balanced Gorbels propaganda” News. Ok….sort of good news.

LMAO…just seen a TV ad for David Beckam’s aftershave now beng sold in a gift set at Cubus…..Does this mean Beckham now reached Brut by Faberge celebrity hell?


2 Responses to “Junk Mail”

  1. karla said

    We got one of those mailbox stickers and they do indeed work. You have to register for it at the post office.

    It made an immediate difference. We don’t have to worry about stopping the mail when we travel anymore.

    Just do it. Problem solved!

  2. weehaggis said

    thanks…will give it a try. A while ago I found out about a web site which let you register to not receive phone marketing. I used to get loads of these calls and they virtually stopped within a few weeks.

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