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Chicago is cold….but OK

Posted by weehaggis on Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Currently in Chicago. Apparently I was lucky to get here. Karla sent me this news story about the horrendous weather and flights that were being cancelled left, right and center. My flight arrived into O’Hare on time and to sunshine and blue skies (although there was quite a bit of snow on the ground).

Its been mostly dry with a bit of fresh snow but its damn cold, with wind chill down to -4F. Looks sort of photogenic with the steam rising form the street manhole covers….just don’t walk anywhere near them coz they reek!!! Not too windy, but sometimes that frigid blast of wind when you turn a street corner just goes straight through you. After not too long feels like your face is just going to crack up and fall off if you try to move any of those facial muscles.

First night here just had to get me one of those Chicago deep dish pizzas. Luckily Pizzeria Uno was just a few blocks away – one of the many pizza joints laying claim to the “original” deep dish pizza…..whatever!! Anyway, shows just how crappy Peppes and Dolly Dimple back in Norway really are 🙂

One good thing about eating out  here is the “doggie bag“.  Leave so much as a bit of pizza crust and the server asks if you’ d like a box to take it home.   Not sure what the etiquette is on this in Norway, but back in the UK asking for a doggie bag is just not the done thing – its one of the cardinal sins of eating out.

Just posted some photos to my flickr.   Should be able to get then from the widget  on the  right.  Will get round to posting more later.


One Response to “Chicago is cold….but OK”

  1. karla said

    Ah the doggie bag. They are pretty much expected in the US as the portions are so huge. Sometimes you can eat for three days on the leftovers from one meal. I miss those…the bags and the portions.

    I’ve noticed that places in Norway are fairly accepting of the doggie bag, as food is so expensive so why waste it? The Hard Rock is especially generous that way.

    I am NEVER going to Chicago in winter…..brrrr…..though you aren’t missing much in the way of cold here, either. It’s freezing here as well.

    have fun!

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