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Irn Bru – It’s Phenomenal

Posted by weehaggis on Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Apparently Irn Bru is currently banned in the US. The food colouring Ponceau 4R is considered carcinogenic by the FDA. Hmmmm….guns and bullets cause instant death and they’re perfectly legal…..go figure. Anyway, at least it makes goths happy 🙂

This advert for Irn Bru 32, the caffeine loaded instant energy version, raised a few hackles. Some thought that the stereotypical glaswegian hardman was a bit too aggressive and tried to get it banned.

and the ad featuring the shaving mom was voluntarily withdrawn by Barrs after complaints that it was being offensive to transsexuals…..!! (posted earlier) .

BTW, looks like Irn Bru has now been sighted in Russia 🙂

Irn Bru in Russia


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