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The Last Polar Bear

Posted by weehaggis on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This photo appeared in the online Aftenposten, being taken by a Norwegian (Arne Naevra ) and being runner up in a recent photo competition. Whatever…. I think its an amazing pic. Global warming, the disappearing ice caps, polar bears facing extinction….says it all.

Last Polar Bear


15 Responses to “The Last Polar Bear”

  1. Hey, enjoyed your blog!

  2. June

    For the most part I agree with you and enjoy reading your posts.

  3. randy said

    global warming….a huge crock of shit

  4. concerned citizen said

    Unfortunately, great images like these come at a cost — this bear looks very stressed and was probably pushed by a boat most likely… and people make money off that. Sad.

  5. RE Concerned Citizen said

    Sad is Concerned Citizen’s lack of common sense. The Polar bear is stressed because it’s resting spot is nearly the size of a snowball and melting quick. Bodies of ice the size of the state of Florida have melted in a weeks time. This bear doesn’t have a 100 horsepower Mercury engine on it’s back! It knows it may die from drowning if it can’t find another spot. It’s not a fish bozo! It’s a mammal like us and you’re clearly some couch stain that likes to verbalize what you imagine in your tiny little head. Maybe some photographer cruised around the north pole with a blowdryer and melted all the ice to get this one photo. Wake up and lay off the aspartame or flouride or whatever is melting your mind faster than these icecaps. Sad indeed!

  6. Kyle said

    Polar Bears play on ice. They can swim for miles. In a story that is related, Reuters reported that Japanese scientists say that ice coverage is going to be the lowest since 1978, when they first started satellite coverage. That means ice coverage has expanded since 1978. That means global warming is a scam. Mull that over a latte.

  7. Tara said

    This is depressing. Instead of making an attempt to save the polar bear in the picture, people choose to take pictures of its struggle for survival.

    This just shows how low humans can be, if it doesn’t involve themselves, they don’t want to help. But, this is truly a sign of Global Warming, and actually scares me.

  8. Link said

    You should see Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” some times before you speak… Don’t mind me if you already HAVE seen it. I, for my part, think this picture is GOOD. It emphasizes what might pose a problem in the future… Polar bears may be able to swim for a long time, but if all the ice disappears, even they won’t be able to get to shore. For some reason I still think this particular bear is safe, though. Perhaps it was playing, then a boat with a photographer just happened to pass by..?

  9. Morgan said

    WHO GAVE HUMANS THE RIGHT TO SCREW UP THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Everything is slowly dying thanks to global warming, invasive species of fish, fertilizer, pesticides, forestry, sport hunting, and the listt is ENDLESS. who ever said it was humans who rule the world is wrong. eventually everone is going to die and it’s all because of humans. Since we made more advanced technology we haven’t realized the large effects we are causing on the ecosystems, environment, etc. we were supposed to travel by foot. cars are unnatural and the negative effects outweigh by thousands the positive ones. Everything that was not made naturally is killing the world somehow and we will all pay the price sooner or later. Get out your Bibles and start praying.

  10. wha....? said

    (1) screw up entire universe…long time till thats possible…the universe is ever growing
    (2) everything is dying…not the invasive fish…thats a plus
    (3) everyone is going to die…well thats gunna happen with or without global warming and thats because of God
    (4) cars are made by natural beings from natural elements, how can it then magically be turned unnatural
    (5) is it mass weight or force weight when you measured the positive and negative ‘ones’
    (5a) rephrase, sounds like you for cars…
    (6) I’ll be dead before I have to pay the price hopefully
    (7) God Bless

  11. M said

    perhaps it was forced on the ice/global warming is crap or a scam as some say (which, i will advise you to tune in to at least on programme in natgeo/discovery channel/read the IPPC report on global warming/read the news for goodness sake if you think it is crap)/just playing, or whatever reasons there are given up there.

    Truth it, if this photo is able to at least make us think abt what we are doing to our planet, and help some of us take concrete actions to reduce our carbon footprints, then i think it did its purpose.
    Even if you do think global warming is rubbish, will it benefit you or any other creature on this planet if you carry on with your wastage and not attempt to make even a tiny effort?
    And if you think everything will die anyway, you are right. But why make death faster, and not enjoy a good quality of life, not only for yourself, but also other creatures, while you are living?

  12. Bobi2shoes said

    Poor polar bear. its sad that the world is so cruel. Hopefully this isnt the last polar bear.

  13. Mike said

    I cant figure out who is the bigger fool, the lying camera man who took the picture which is not very far from land or another large ice cap, or the morons that read and believe this propoganda. This bear as all polar bears are excellent swimmers and climbers and like to venture out and play and look at their surroundings just as this bear did. It is not so dumb as you dense people are to believe that this bear actually sat there and waited long enough for the ice to melt from underneath it. Lets forget about the fact that it would take weeks to happen, but the bear has the ability to swim over 100 miles at a time with out a problem. So I suggest you do your research and stay away from liberal bias web sites.

    Sad but true, Ron White said it best, “you cant fix stupid.” And thats what you believers of this nonsense are, just plain stupid.

  14. Patriot Dynamite said

    You idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no evidence for man-made anything. You fool you are being used by the environmental extremists and al gore!!!!!!!!!

  15. Polar Bear Sandwich said

    Girls are too emotional and senative to handle such matters as logic and science…

    ” humans just watched this animal die” yea big deal its going to die just like you will one day. Just cause this guys is white, furry and cute you feel bad for it….. Save your time and post emotional irration comments about the other starving and endangered animals on our planet….. called humans! fuck bears save the humans!

    Heres an idea….pet over population and world hunger can fix themselves……feed dogs and cats to starvin people all around the world! I have a cat that i saved from the side of the road and its an asshole…..some poor starving kid in Africa deserves to eat my cat!

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