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It got worse!!

Posted by weehaggis on Sunday, December 23, 2007

Continuing on from previous post. You’d think that spending the night in an airport would be the worst of it…not so.

Wandered over to the transfer desk just after 4.30am and found that there was already a fair sized queue. Well, it wasn’t really a queue, just lots of folk parked on the floor in front of the counter. So, I decided to join them and parked my own bum around where I thought the end of the queue was. Actually, on the third attempt I think I found the end of the queue as it wasn’t until then that nobody shouted at me to tell me that there was a queue 🙂


The desk was supposed to open at 5.30 so there was almost an hour to wait.

At around 5.40 one guy turned up, but looked like he was only there to switch on the computers. About 10 minutes later a few KLM girls turned up….they looked positively intimidated by the crowd awaiting them. Over the next 3 hours ( the time I had to wait before finally getting served) service was painfully slow. The staff appeared to come and go regularly and at times there were only one or two of the counter positions actually being manned. There appeared to be no urgency whatsoever to the service. This apparent couldn’t-care-less attitude didn’t really help the frustrations and rising tempers of those waiting in line (and it was a long long line).

Anyway, I managed to get standby on the next flight to Edinburgh and just before boarding started got a seat allocation. Next, that flight got delayed and during the delay we were forced to standing in the transit bus for about half an hour with the doors open and sub-zero temperatures outside. And then, predictably, my checked baggage didn’t arrived on the same flight!!!

All in all, a great start to Christmas 🙂


One Response to “It got worse!!”

  1. karla said

    This is one of the worst travel stories i have heard of. KLM really screwed you over!

    I hope you drank alot of that Kozel you had sent to Edinburgh….as a sort of reward, of course. ;>


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