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Archive for March, 2008

Only in Texas!!!

Posted by weehaggis on Monday, March 31, 2008

Is a nipple ring like a wedding ring….after being in place for a number of years no amount of twisting, tugging and pulling will make it budge???  Well, if it wont budge then be prepared to use a pair of pliers if boarding a flight in Lubbock, Texas.   Just read this story in The Register, about some poor woman who faced such a problem.   Apparently, such body adornments are a threat the passenger security.  At least now you will be offered the option of a visual inspection.

So guys…..are you gonna proudly slap that PA out onto the the counter for a visual security inspection, or slip behind the curtain for a quick tug  with the pliers 🙂


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Off to New York – playing catchup.

Posted by weehaggis on Friday, March 28, 2008

yeah….yeah….yeah……I know……its been a wee while.

Time for a quick catchup.

Back in February I was off to New York….one of my most favourite cities on the planet.

The flight was bought as part of SAS’s annual “Julekalendar” promotion. ie. SAS offer flights to a different destination on their network each day from 1st to 24th December, and all at special rates. Oslo to NYC was about 3400NOK, which is about 1000 cheaper than the normal rate that time of year.

The one downside is SAS fly out of terminal B at Newark. For airside facilities this is simply CRAP!! (Continental flights to Oslo fly out of terminal C, which is far better, with a decent food court, bars and a pretty good selection of shops)

Anyway….New York…..

It was wet and cold, but still a great place to visit. Did the usual stocking up on cheap clothes (note that a pair of normal 550 Levis will set you back about $40 in NYC – full price, while in Oslo they are closer to $160!!!) and also got some new camera lenses. B&H Photo is a must visit in New York for anything camera related. The savings on the two lenses I bought alone were enough to pay for the flight and pretty much most of the hotel costs….I kid u not. Admittedly, they weren’t cheap. But anyway, what I paid $1600 for would have cost NOK 15000 (about $2900) back in Norway.

What else did I do…..

Went up Top Of The Rock at the Rockerfellar Center. Amazing view from the top, although it was bloody cold with a wind to freeze the balls of a brass monkey … as they say 🙂

Looking over Central Park

Took a bus tour round Harlem….

The Apollo, Harlem

…went across the Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

…and wandered down to Wall Street

Wall Street street sign

I also went to the movies and saw Cloverfield….damn cool movie (todo: got a pretty cool pic of the movie poster on Times Square….will post when I’ve found it and uploaded to my flickr). Pretty weird seeing parts of New York, which I’d been through in the previous few days, get totally wasted. Back on the topic of price comparisons, it was quite funny when on the bus tour hearing the guide complaining about how it now cost $12 to see a movie almost anywhere in downtown Manhattan….pah!!! You can’t even get into a matinee at a second run flea pit back in Noggy land for that price. The local movie house down my way costs 85NOK/$16.50 for a new-ish movie.

By the way, the hotel I stayed at was the Metro Hotel. Highly recommended and got a pretty good price from BritishAirwaysHolidays.

So, that was New York for another year.

Next it was off to Munich and copious amounts of Starkbier….

Update: Here’s the movie billboard pic:

Coverfield  in Times Square

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