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U folks shld speak proper like i do

Posted by weehaggis on Monday, September 8, 2008

Is the English langauge evolving into SMS speak, with all words abbreviated to list of consonants and phonetic spellings?  As the Telegraph explains, apparently so.  Brit kids find spelling and English grammar too difficult so we should encourage dumbing things down.  This is the opinion of John Wells, Emeritus Professor of Phonetics at University College London.  We need to free kids from the “burden” or learning!!!  American-isms should be encourgaed….oh boy, that really is dumbing things down.  Just look at who Americans vote for….to represent and speak for them on the world stage 🙂

And for something completely different –

Finally, a voice a reason amongst all the Google sycophants proclaiming Chrome as the second coming.  With a healthy dose of humour, sense, and fuckin shit bollox langauge….El Reg does it again 🙂

PS. will post some more stuff about my recent travels to Cracow, Warsaw and Berlin real soon…..promise 🙂  Just waiting until i get round to uploading all the pics to flickr.


4 Responses to “U folks shld speak proper like i do”

  1. karla said

    oh the irony of the Scottish bloke preaching to us about proper language and pronunciation. Though I , after only 6 years (!!) of knowing you, now understand you perfectly.

    Most of the time.

  2. Greg said

    Have you any idea if its possible to have UK tv channels via sattelite here in Norway? ive asked many people and nobody knows,because they are not so interested, as satisfied as i am with the Norwegian parabold im totally pissed off with BBC prime, its repeat after repeat,and it sucks watching xmas day eastenders special in the middle of January, any tips would be appreciated!! I will send you a pudding supper and a bottle if Irn Bru! 😀

  3. weehaggis said

    I dont think there is any easy way. First you would need a Sky decoder box with a valid subscription (which technically, Sky don’t allow outside of the UK). Even then you probably wouldn’t be able to receive any of the UK terrestrial channels available on Sky – the foorptint for that specific satellite is only big enought to cover the UK. Another option might be to see if you can get them over the internet, if u have a good broadband connection. Me, I just make do with local cable TV.

  4. jooles said

    Greg, buy a UK ip address and then logon to bbc/itv online and download tv shows to your hearts content 🙂

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