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Things that get ma goat, ie. general rants!!

Signs of a nanny state??

Posted by weehaggis on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something I learned recently.  Buying over the counter medication in this country is an exercise in futility.   I found this out when trying to buy something for a pretty severe soar throat.

In Norway you can buy Repsils, which you’d think were simply renamed Strepsils (look the same, taste the same, made by the same manufacturer) but no.  As the friendly lady in the Apotek (that’s a Chemist shop here) said, they’re nothing more than sugar candy.  Even she said that you can’t buy the “good” ones here in Norway.

Repsils, the Norwegian neutered version of Strepsils

Repsils, the Norwegian neutered version of Strepsils

As you can see, even though the “St” has been removed, the “S” logo remains intact.

Now look at the real thing, as available elsewhere.

The real Original Strepsils

The real Original Strepsils

You can see the “magic” ingredients listed on the box, which have been removed from the local variant.   Then there is the really good stuff….don’t even ask 🙂

Strepils Plus, the really good stuff.

Strepils Plus, the really good stuff.

There are Dual action Repsils available only from the Apotek, but don’t get your hopes up.  Again it’s only more sugar candy, but with a dash of menthol to help relieve a blocked nose.

And just for fun, here’s one you’d probably get locked up for even knowing about 🙂

Something to really numb the throat.

Something to really numb the throat.

It’s not just these throat lozenges which are no no’s.  Stuff such as Lemsip, Benylin, Sudafed which I used to consider as common remedies for cold, flu, coughs…, are all off limits.  Of course you can go to see the doctor, but unless your are death’s door you’ll likely by told to go grin and bear it and be charged your 300kr for the privelage.

Here, have a candy bar instead 🙂


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U folks shld speak proper like i do

Posted by weehaggis on Monday, September 8, 2008

Is the English langauge evolving into SMS speak, with all words abbreviated to list of consonants and phonetic spellings?  As the Telegraph explains, apparently so.  Brit kids find spelling and English grammar too difficult so we should encourage dumbing things down.  This is the opinion of John Wells, Emeritus Professor of Phonetics at University College London.  We need to free kids from the “burden” or learning!!!  American-isms should be encourgaed….oh boy, that really is dumbing things down.  Just look at who Americans vote for….to represent and speak for them on the world stage 🙂

And for something completely different –

Finally, a voice a reason amongst all the Google sycophants proclaiming Chrome as the second coming.  With a healthy dose of humour, sense, and fuckin shit bollox langauge….El Reg does it again 🙂

PS. will post some more stuff about my recent travels to Cracow, Warsaw and Berlin real soon…..promise 🙂  Just waiting until i get round to uploading all the pics to flickr.

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…some more reasons why I love living in Norway – part II

Posted by weehaggis on Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ok, here’s my first list post. Not done one before, but it seems to be a “blog” thing to do 🙂

Things that bug me about living in Norway

  • the cost of beer – ok, this one is obvious, and its not just the cost. The local pub doesn’t have its beer (Hansa) delivered and stored in barrels. Its delivered by what looks like a petrol tanker from where it is pumped into a huge vat in the basement. From there its piped to the bar taps. The hangover it gives is real icky – not the sort that a dose of Alka-Seltzer can cure. Its probably all the formaldehyde they put into it 🙂
  • using public transport – its expensive. Just comparing with my home town Edinburgh. A monthly pass there cost 37 UKP (about 430,-kr), and that covers the area from Edinburgh city center to the extent of the bus network (about the equivalent of a zone 5 pass here). except here a zone 5 pass costs 1315,-kr. Then what makes this worse is knowing that the public transport system is still essentially a state owned monopoly AND is subsidized. Given that one of the reasons that cars and car usage is so heavily taxed here is due to a policy of”make the polluter pay”, you’d think that that there’d be some incentive to travel public. But no, you drive a car and they beat you with a heavy,- stick….use public transport and they beat you again with the same stick. Not a carrot in sight !!
  • ….and still on the subject of public transport….boarding a bus or train during rush hour – it’s like trying to get on the last helicopter out of Saigon.
  • then there’s queues, Norwegians don’t seem to believe in them…unless there’s a machine giving out numbered tickets
  • magazines – no, not actually magazines, but how much they cost. In particular I mean foreign mags (utenlandske blader ). They can cost up to three times the original price. “Empire” has a UK stand price of UKP 3.80 (about 43,-kr), while the Narvesen price is 95,- (and just for comparison, the US stand price is $9.99 – about 55,-kr!!) . Taking out a subscription with your own personally delivered copy will cost you about half the local price…..go figure.
  • taxes, taxes and more taxes. They always seem to be trying to find out more ways to tax your hard earned cash. The funny things is, Norwegians seem to like paying it 🙂

as they say in Norway – norsk ikke sant??

One of these day I’ll do a “things I like about living here” 🙂

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It’s that time of year again.

Posted by weehaggis on Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Its late and I missed a night at the pub because I had to get my tax return in before midnight. Serves me right I suppose for leaving it until the last minute. Anyway, it was a real pain this year coz they changed some rules I and I didn’t find out until this morning. Always getting more complicated.

Instead of all the bullshit they should bring it down to its simplest form. After all…..what it all boils down to is this …. ( at least this is how it feels 🙂 )


Simplified Norwegian Tax Return


  • Step One: How much money did you make last year?

  • Step Two: Send it to us!!

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Flickr Sucks

Posted by weehaggis on Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flickr is really startin to piss me off.   Ok, to be fair, this me not be entirely Flickr’s fault, but I’ve been trying to upload my Riga photos and I’ve only managed a few over the last week or so.  Looks like a subset of flickr users (myself included) have been having probs over the last few weeks with dead slow and stop flickr upload connections.  When I do manage to upload all my pics, will finish that previous post….promise 🙂

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Junk Mail

Posted by weehaggis on Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Just recently got back after being away for about a week on business and was met by something which really gets ma goat. A mail box chock full of and literally spewing out junk mail. Yes, I now, junk mail is a fact of modern life. Its not the junk mail so much, but the stupid (and I’m gonna swear now) fuckwits who deliver it. When the box is quite clearly full, they keep trying to jam more and more in. Its amazing how much they manage to get into what is really quite a small box. The problem is that scrunched in there amongst all the Skeidar catalogues and local window washer flyers is real mail.

I keeping thinking of puting one of those “uadressert reklame nei takk” stickers on my post box, but given the stupidity on display, it would be no surprise if the people hired to deliver this junk can’t even read!! Even contemplated collecting a black bin bag of the stuff, marching into he post office and dumping it on the counter with a return to sender note. Probably wouldn’t go down too well…visions of being dragged off to the police station by the post office ladies and ending up in gaol.

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

Ok….happy thoughts….happy thoughts.

Talking of happy thoughts….Just discovered from the TV guide that I am now supposed to have some more TV channels. Yippeee….a proper welcome home present. Grabbed that remote and did the cable TV box update….more sports…ESPN and NASN, AlJazzera International, some kiddies TV music channel. Whooppeee doo!! Also getting CNN soon…at least its not Fox “fair and balanced Gorbels propaganda” News. Ok….sort of good news.

LMAO…just seen a TV ad for David Beckam’s aftershave now beng sold in a gift set at Cubus…..Does this mean Beckham now reached Brut by Faberge celebrity hell?

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…another reason why I love living in Norway – part 1

Posted by weehaggis on Friday, October 13, 2006

AftenPosten recently reported on Transit System to launch a courtesy campaign. About time too!! Even getting on and off the train can be a real battle sometimes. Two opposing walls of people push and shove into each other as soon as the doors slide open. Don’t even get me started on the bun fight to get on a bus….

As you probably know…us Brits are usually seen as having a bit of queue fetish. Waiting to get on the train, as the doors open, I politely stand to the side to let folks off. Of course, those standing behind take this as an invitation to rush forward and past you onto the train This is not the fall of Saigon people!!

I have now figured out a strategy on how to get off the train quickly and easily. As the train pulls into your stop, position yourself in the middle of the doorway with a laiden Rema1000 bag in either hand. As the doors open start swingin’ those bags 🙂

Contrary to what some might think, its not always the elderly who are the victims of this predilection for being rude. The boot can often be on the other foot. Just the other morning I was getting off the bus and paused in the aisle to let somebody in front get out. On feeling an impatient push from behind, I spun round, blurting out “will ya ***** wait“. Expecting to see some school kid, a little old lady looked up. I wont say “sweet” , as she gave me that sucking a lemon look…Yikes. Half expected a follow through from the hand bag, but luckily the aisle was now free and I could make my getaway.

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Find out what your neighbour paid in tax last year.

Posted by weehaggis on Monday, October 9, 2006

Seriously!! Its that time of year again here in Norway, find out what your friends, neighbours and work colleagues earned last year.
A national newspaper invites to find out about your neighbours income and wealth for 2005. For two weeks of the year the tax lists are available on the web….invasion of privacy…apparently not.

Don’t even try to question why this happens. “Its always been this way”. After working here for a while as a foreigner, and usually around this time of year, somebody will say to to you “guess what…”, and the typical response will be….”What the f*** “.
I can see the people back in the UK getting just a little upset about this if it happened there.

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