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Not Strictly Ballroom

Posted by weehaggis on Monday, January 26, 2009

The following is a UK TV ad (for a mobil phone network) which I recently came across.  Not entirely original, but cool none the less.  Really makes you smile (well it did for me 🙂 )  Liverpool Street Station looked like the Central Station ballroom scene from the Fisher King.

…and just to see what went into setting up this whole event.

I wonder if something like this would ever work in Oslo Central Station.


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Wow….I mean Wow!!

Posted by weehaggis on Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just finished watching the last season of Six Feet Under. Those last few episodes were an amazing finish to a great TV show. The final montage, with Claire driving into the future and watching everyone die was just brilliant. Not as morbid as it sounds. A real showstopper. Got to find out the track playing over that scene??? The Fishers are probably amongst the most screwed up, dysfunctional people on TV but still gonna miss them 🙂

Talking of TV shows, been slowly working through the Frasier DVD box sets. Now halfway into season 4. Used to hate the show when it first started on TV, seeing it as a feeble substitute for Cheers. But it grows on you after a while and can get quite addictive. Sometimes very clever and often laugh out loud funny.

Got a visit to the dentist on Friday…and no ordinary visit. Last visit was a few weeks ago for my yearly checkup. Everything looks good he says, but there’s something which concerns me with one of those back molars. Think it might need….(remember, he’s Norwegian)…..a…em…(trying to get the English word)….oh yeah….root canal. Nope, I thought, that’s not right….try again. Anyway, been fixed up with a session to see the “root canal” specialist to see what he says.

The really scary part….no….not the thought of impending pain, the uncontrollable dribbling from a mouth feeling like a slab of concrete, nor the sensation of my mouth sucking a football for the rest of the day….the really scary part was being told the cost…..yikes!!!

Joining Karla in the pub on Friday night sounds like a appealing idea. Without being able to get half decent non-prescription pain killers from the Apotek, alcohol is the next best thing 🙂

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