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Norsk nettsider

The following is my collection of Norway based web pages. I try to include those with English content, which can be very useful for us non-natives. Please feel free to suggest more.

Norwegian News

  • Aftenposten in English : Now closed!!! Web site of one of Norways major broadsheets. Good source of news with frequent daily updates..
  • The Norway Post : Comprehensive news service for all things Norwegian. Aimed more at a US readership.
  • Stavanger Aftenbladet (in English): English version of a Stavanger based newspaper. A bit of a messy site. Sometimes some interesting stories, but can be a bit too brief at times.

Official Stuff

  • Odin : Web portal for information from the Norwegian Government and its Ministries in English. Lots of press releases, reports and white papers.
    • Ministry of Finance : Read about the latest budget proposals, all the taxes you pay, and how the government plan to “redistribute” more and more or your hard earned cash. “Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • Skatteetaten : Portal for the Norwegian Inland Revenue Service. Mostly in Norwegian, but lots of relevant stuff in English and other languages.
    • International : tax info relvant for us foreigners, and in English
    • Skatteberegning for 2008 : useful web application which helps you to calculate your taxes for 2008. Just enter your income/asset/debt details and find out how much tax you should expect to pay in 2007.  Now also with option to complete in English.  (version for 2009)

The Really Important Stuff

  • Norwegian Breweries : excellent guide to norwegian breweries and their beer. Also contains info on why the beer situation in Norway is the way that it is.
  • The Vinmonopol Debate : some pros and cons on the wine monolopy.
  • Irn-Bru : Scotland’s other national drink finally makes it to Norway, and even gets it own Norwegian web site.

Useful places

  • Gulesider : Norwegian version of the Yellow Pages. Has a cool feature for locating an address on a map. Can also view the pages in English.
  • Finn.no : The place to go if you want to buy or sell anything, from houses, cars and boats, to antiques, fridges and hair gel (seriously!!). Also good for finding a job, or a flat to rent. And more…. Includes a map search feature which extends to the world outside Norway.
  • Trafikanten.no : info about the public transport networks in and around the Oslo area (timetables, route maps, fares…) with some in English
  • Telepriser.no : choosing a phone, mobile, internet or broadband provider? Great site for comparing all the different tarrifs
  • Kinosonen.no: sign up for a membership card and get discounted cinema tickets. Add cash to you card and use it to buy tickets at a discount.
  • Norwegian.no: Norway’s own low cost airline.  A bit like RyanAir, but you just don’t feel like you’re being nickel and dimed in the same way.

One Response to “Norsk nettsider”

  1. inger-louise said

    hey fit like

    was reading ur blog to much amusement. me and my boyfriend have just moved to oslo from aberdeen. was wondering if u had any tips on socialising, clubs, good bars etc?



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